Accountability Buddies

Anything worthwhile is challenging. And anything challenging can benefit from support. One way to find support is through an Accountability Buddy. An Accountability Buddy is like a partner-in-crime – you are there to support and encourage each other even though your exact goals may differ.  

How to work with an Accountability Buddy

Step 1: Identify Goals

Each person should have a clear goal for him or herself. Communicate that goal between buddies. Include details: what do you want to accomplish and how will you do it? 

I will step away from work and take a non-working lunch every day. 

I will meditate or do 5 minutes of yoga every day during my lunch break. 

Step 2: Set Parameters

Determine how you will check-in with your buddy and how often. Will you text? Have a phone call? Will your check-ins be daily or weekly? Will you meet in person? 

We will text at the end of each lunch period to tell the other person what we did today. 

We will meet each day at noon for a 10-minute walk. 

We will fill out a shared Google Doc throughout the week and then have a phone call over the weekend to discuss. 

Step 3: Follow Through

Ideally, your Accountability Buddy has the same level of commitment as you – high! You are both looking to make a healthy change and want to support the other in doing the same. Stick with your daily check-ins and make a plan to have a more lengthy discussion after a specific amount of time – maybe after 4-5 weeks. Evaluate your progress and make adjustments as needed. 

Looking to make it more interesting? Consider meeting weekly for coffee – whoever was more successful meeting their goal gets their coffee paid for! Or maybe after four weeks you meet for a nice dinner with the same terms. Regardless of whether there is monetary incentive, support and encouragement is the goal throughout. 

Other things to think about with your Accountability Buddy 

Good, Better, Best

Consider setting a “good, better, best” goal, so your goal is a range instead of one specific thing. Then, with your accountability buddy, look at your patterns. If you are consistently reaching your “best” goal but still feel overwhelmed and stressed, maybe you need to aim higher. If you can rarely meet your “good” goal, maybe your accountability buddy can help you get there. 

TACET for Teachers Facebook Group

Not sure where to find an Accountability Buddy? Check the TACET for Teachers Facebook group! There you are likely to find someone with similar desire and commitment to music teacher well-being. 

More Resources About Accountability Buddies

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

African Proverb 

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