Book Study

Welcome to the first ever TACET for Teachers Book Study!

We will be reading “I Love My Job But It’s Killing Me,” by band director-author, Lesley Moffat.

The best news? Lesley is giving away free digital copies of her book!

How will the book study work?

The book study discussion will take place in the Facebook Group. Not a member? Join now!

Questions will be posted on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, though all questions are listed below for those of you who want to prepare in advance.


Week of June 29th – Introduction, Chapters 1-3

Week of July 6 – Chapters 4-6

Week of July 13 – Chapters 7-9

Week of July 20 – Chapters 10-13


Q1 (June 29) What brought you to this book study? Did any aspects of the author’s story speak to you? 

Q2 (July 1) The author discusses how stress can impact your mental and physical health. Do you agree with this? Why or why not? Have you experienced this in your life? 

Q3 (July 3) The author mentions the well-known phrase, “Put your own oxygen mask on first.” Why do you think so many music teachers struggle with this? 

Q4 (July 6) After taking the Mojo Meter assessment, was there anything that surprised you? 

Q5 (July 8) Meals: The author suggests that changing your diet can help with physical and mental wellness. Having a firm understanding of why you are making a change and Identifying potential hurdles is a great place to start. What else could help you make changes in what you eat? What would make this worthwhile to you? 

Q6 (July 10) Movement: Do you currently have an exercise routine? If yes, what benefits do you find you gain from it? If no, what could try and what benefits do you think it would have? 

Q7 (July 13) Music: What category did you create a playlist for? How do you think this music will impact that area of your life? 

Q8 (July 15) Mindfulness: Do you currently incorporate mindfulness in your day personally, or with your students? If yes, what benefits do you find you gain from it? If no, what could try and what benefits do you think it would have? 

Q9 (July 17) Did you try any of the SNaP Strategies? What did you notice as a result? 

Q10 (July 20) Looking at the suggestions in Chapter 10, what is one thing you could incorporate that would make a difference in your life? 

Q11 (July 22) What is your why? Why is it important to you to have a healthier lifestyle? 

Q12 (July 24) Is there something holding you back? Is there something you could look at differently, like the mug without a handle, to help you move forward with new purpose?