Habit Tracking

In its simplest form, habit tracking is keeping track of when you complete a new habit. A habit tracker can be paper or digital, simple or complex. Some people will use a regular calendar, placing an X on days where the habit is completed. There are several apps and online services that help with habit tracking, and will even set reminders throughout out the day. 

Tracking habits has many benefits. Using a calendar or app to track habits provides a visual reminder of what you have completed. It is also motivating to see the progress you have made! The Activity app on Apple devices is a great example of this – many people go to great lengths to “close their rings” daily! 

How will you track your new habit of taking breaks throughout the school day? Take a picture or screenshot and share it to #TACETforTeachers! 

Habit Tracking Apps

Habitify – helps organize and group habits, manages consistency and streaks, available on multiple platforms. 

Productive – schedule habits, track streaks, set reminders, and keep notes. 

Strides – multiple tracking capabilities, helps you build routines and stay motivated. 

Paper Habit Trackers

James Clear Habit Journal* – Hard cover book with sections for a daily journal, dot grid notebook and habit tracker, modeled after James Clear’s Atomic Habits.

Printable Habit Tracker – Free printable habit tracker by Clementine Creative (scroll down to download).  

For more information about habit tracking, check out this great article by James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits*: The Ultimate Habit Tracker Guide: Why and How to Track Your Habits.

“The harder you try to be perfect, the less likely you’ll accomplish your goals.”

Jon Acuff, Finish 

Even if you miss a day, even if you miss two days, you can always start again. 

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