What You Can Do With Ten Minutes

If you have a ten-minute window of time, you could easily use a combination of the one-minute, three-minute, and five-minute tasks and reap great benefits. However, you could also consider one of the following ideas. 

Ten Minutes

Take a Walk

Taking a mid-day walk is an amazing way to refresh and relax! Walking increases blood-flow, which can improve your energy level, mood, and productivity. Taking a walk outside, in the fresh air, helps with these even more. Your walk can be alone or with other people, just get up and start moving. 

If walking alone, you may consider a mindful walking practice, where you coordinate steps with the breath, or say a positive affirmation with each step you take. 

Eat Lunch or Drink a Cup of Tea

Eating lunch or drinking a cup of tea may seem like silly suggestions, because many of us do this regularly, however the key is to do it without distractions! Put away your phone, turn off the computer, and find a space where you will not be interrupted. For many of us, eating lunch at our desks, while doing work, is the norm. We feel we have too much to do to take this time. However, this practice can be detrimental to your well-being and your health! 

Take a break and step away from your work, even if just for 10-minutes. As you eat or drink, try to focus on what you are consuming. You could even incorporate mindful eating practices. 

  • Find a friend to eat lunch with.
  • Go to the faculty room to eat, or at least get out of the classroom. 
  • If there is too much happening at your desk, find a place in your classroom to eat where there are no work distractions. 
  • Enjoy your meal and be grateful you have food to eat. 

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